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Seattle Screen Scene is the comprehensive source for all repertory, international, and arthouse cinema listings for the greater Seattle area. We also post previews, reviews, and interviews, alongside histories about Seattle in film.


Michael Strenski moved to Seattle in 2004 and within a month was working at the now-defunct Metro Cinemas alongside Sean Gilman. The pair created a Wednesday night repertory series which ran for five semi-successful years and where Mike once demanded they screen his favorite film, Pennies from Heaven. The subsequent screening was attended by one person. She was blind. He also spends way too much time on Letterboxd.

Sean Gilman spent 15 years working at Landmark theatres that no longer exist: the Varsity, the Metro and the Neptune. He now lives in Tacoma and spends way too much time commuting to Seattle to rent and/or watch movies. He writes about them at his website The End of Cinema, and has also written for the Mubi Notebook, InReview Online, Sirp, and Movie Mezzanine.

Melissa Tamminga lives in Bellingham, Washington, and when she’s not teaching English and film studies at Whatcom Community College, frequents the Pickford Film Center; writes about movies for Seattle Screen, on her website, A Journal of Film, and on Letterboxd; and listens to more film podcasts than is healthy for one person. Melissa was a guest host on the Jane Campion episode of They Shot Pictures and has guest hosted on Filmspotting and The Frances Farmer Show.

Sue Lonac lives in Bellingham, Washington, where she teaches film studies and English alongside her colleague Melissa Tamminga at Whatcom Community College. When she’s not teaching class or writing for Seattle Screen Scene, she volunteers for the Bellingham Human Rights Film Festival and the Out There Poetry Camp. She loves The Usual SuspectsHeatCold Comfort Farm, and the films of Kelly Reichardt, Lynn Shelton, Ava DuVernay, John Sayles, the Coen brothers, Taika Waititi, and Terrence Malick. She believes that Roger Deakins is the greatest cinematographer of all time and will fight anyone who says otherwise.

Ryan Swen lives in Seattle and is pursuing an undergraduate degree in cinema and media studies at the University of Washington, Seattle. He volunteers at Scarecrow, writes both too much and not enough, and makes far too many lists at Taipei Mansions. He has also written for The Film Stage and the Brooklyn Magazine Film Section.