Office (Johnnie To, 2015)

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The world of Office, the latest from director Johnnie To, is a world without walls. Or, rather, a world where walls do nothing to differentiate space. It’s hard to tell where one place begins and another ends. Each scene takes place in a largely artificial environment where geometric figures and shapes suggest the outline of a room; this strategy essentially means that at any given moment there’s tons of action happening on multiple planes of the frame. Whether it’s a hospital room, a character’s apartment, there is no personal space. There’s only a series of transparent chambers where only emotional/financial transactions can take place.

Chow Yun Fat plays Chairman Ho. While his wife is in a coma, he’s been having an affair with CEO Chang for the last 20 years (played by Sylvia Chang, the film is an adaptation of her 2009 play, Design for Living), and his daughter, Kat, is now working at an entry-level position to gain knowledge of the business. One of his underlings tries to get an accountant to cook the books. Meanwhile Lee Xiang, played by Wang Ziyi (Lee for Ang Lee, Xiang for Dream – aspirational!), also starting at the company, just wants to make a good impression, achieve his dreams and ride that direct elevator to the 71st floor. The film uses all of them to explore certain attitudes and ways of living in capitalist society by testing their bonds after the 2008 crash.

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Friday September 18 – Thursday September 24

Featured Film:

Office at the AMC Pacific Place

The latest from Hong Kong director Johnnie To is a musical based on a play written by Sylvia Chang, who also stars along with Chow Yun-fat. Set in the world of high finance at the time of the economic meltdown, it promises to be a fascinating companion to To’s 2011 duo of Life without Principle and Don’t Go Breaking My Heart. We’ll have full coverage coming this weekend, with reviews and a podcast recorded on-location from the theatre lobby. Our review. Our podcast.
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Office (Johnnie To) Fri-Thurs Our Review Our Podcast
Learning to Drive (Isabel Coixet) Fri-Thurs

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Learning to Drive (Isabel Coixet) Fri-Thurs
Meru (Jimmy Chin & Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi) Fri-Thurs

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