Friday July 7 – Thursday July 13

Featured Film:

Our Time Will Come at the Pacific Place

The only World War II film by a major director you need to see this summer opens this week, on a single screen at the Pacific Place. Ann Hui’s film about a small network of agents working against the Japanese Occupation of Hong Kong stars Eddie Peng, Zhou Xun, Wallace Huo, Jessie Li, Deanie Ip and The Other Tony Leung. With crisp, tense suspense and action sequences and a subtly expansive view of the demographics of heroism, it’s as accomplished and assured a work of popular filmmaking as we’ve seen in Seattle this year. Don’t miss it.

Playing This Week:

AMC Alderwood:

The Hero (Brett Haley) Fri-Thurs

Central Cinema:

Who Framed Roger Rabbit (Robert Zemeckis, 1988) Fri-Tues
Mission: Impossible (Brian De Palma, 1996) Fri-Tues

Century Federal Way:

9 to 5 (Colin Higgins, 1980) Sun & Weds Only
Planet of the Apes Triple Feature (Various) Weds Only

Grand Cinema:

The Wedding Plan (Rama Burshtein) Fri-Thurs
Paris Can Wait (Eleanor Coppola) Fri-Thurs
The Hero (Brett Haley) Fri-Thurs
Xanadu (Robert Greenwald, 1980) Sat Only
TWIST Tops presents Best Short Films Tues Only
Check It (Dana Flor and Toby Oppenheimer) Weds Only

Grand Illusion Cinema:

Night School (Andrew Cohn) Fri-Thurs
Lake Street Detective (Erik Hammen) Thurs Only

Cinemark Lincoln Square:

The Big Sick (Michael Showalter) Fri-Thurs
Mom (Ravi Udyawar) Fri-Thurs
Ninnu Kori (Shiva Nirvana) Fri-Thurs
9 to 5 (Colin Higgins, 1980) Sun & Weds Only
Planet of the Apes Triple Feature (Various) Weds Only
The Iron Giant (Brad Bird, 1999) Weds Only

Regal Meridian:

The Big Sick (Michael Showalter) Fri-Thurs

Northwest Film Forum:

Sacred (Thomas Lennon) Sun-Thurs
Stone Cold (Craig R. Baxley, 1991) Weds Only Live Commentary

AMC Oak Tree:

Paris Can Wait (Eleanor Coppola) Fri-Thurs 

AMC Pacific Place:

Our Time Will Come (Ann Hui) Fri-Thurs Our Review

Regal Parkway Plaza:

Paris Can Wait (Eleanor Coppola) Fri-Thurs
The Hero (Brett Haley) Fri-Thurs

AMC Seattle:

Maudie (Aisling Walsh) Fri-Thurs
The Journey (Nick Hamm) Fri-Thurs

Seattle Art Museum:

Mr. Lucky (HC Potter, 1943) Thurs Only

SIFF Film Center:

Czech That Film Festival Fri-Sun Full Program
Ridicule (Patrice Leconte, 1996) Weds Only

SIFF Uptown:

The Little Hours (Jeff Baena) Fri-Thurs Our Review
Maudie (Aisling Walsh) Fri-Thurs
The Exception (David Leveaux) Fri-Weds
The Hero (Brett Haley) Fri-Weds
The Big Lebowski/Fast Times at Ridgemont High (The Coen Brothers, 1998/Amy Heckerling, 1982) Thurs Only 35mm Double Feature
Bottom Dollars (Jordan Melograna) Thurs Only

Varsity Theatre:

Paris Can Wait (Eleanor Coppola) Fri-Thurs

In Wide Release:

The Beguiled (Sophia Coppola) Our Review
Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (James Gunn) Our Review
Alien Covenant (Ridley Scott) Our Review

Our Time Will Come (Ann Hui, 2017)


The most anticipated, and almost assuredly the best, World War II film of the summer, by one of the greatest filmmakers of the past forty years, opens here tomorrow exclusively at the Pacific Place: director Ann Hui’s Our Time Will Come. Based on true events in the resistance against the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong, the film is so effective at its generic thrills, the suspense and action sequences and quiet moments of melancholy patriotism and laments for lost comrades that form the core of the resistance/war film, everything from For Whom the Bell Tolls to Army of Shadows, that one almost doesn’t notice that she’s radically revised one of the most masculine of genres into a story about the unbreakability of women.

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