Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018, Peyton Reed)


In the wake of not just Avengers: Infinity War, but the length of more or less the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe so far, one could certainly be forgiven for a healthy dose of skepticism. Not to say that there haven’t been noteworthy or even good films in the twenty-strong series – although undoubtedly some would argue even that – but the more pertinent question is that of stakes. In terms of the wider MCU, all of the films involve as their central conflict a villain whose plans at some point involve widespread destruction of an “innocent” public. Even something as far afield from the standard operation like Black Panther couldn’t help but hew to this.

The first exception I can think of to this is Ant-Man and the Wasp, which by design seems to be a comedown from the galactic strife of Avengers: Infinity War. Directed by Peyton Reed (who also directed Ant-Man), this film somehow manages to embody all the qualities that Marvel films had heretofore merely suggested: light, breezy, and emotional in a way more linked to the characters rather than a wider society. This isn’t necessarily to say that this feels especially personal in the way that, say, Black Panther does. But it has more than its fair share of liveliness and sense of play, which makes this feel markedly different from other MCU films.

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Friday July 6 – Thursday July 12

Featured Film:

Carol Lombard at the Seattle Art Museum

SAM’s summer tribute to the great Carol Lombard kicks off this Thursday with Twentieth Century, the 1934 screwball masterpiece from Howard Hawks. John Barrymore plays a theatrical director who schemes on the eponymous train to get Lombard to agree to appear in his next show. Both Barrymore and Lombard are exceptional: it’s possibly the loudest screwball comedy there ever was. SAM’s series continues in the coming weeks with great films like Nothing Sacred, To Be or Not To Be and My Man Godfrey.

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Twentieth Century (Howard Hawks, 1934) Thurs Only

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Czech That Film Fri-Sun Full Program

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The King (Eugene Jarecki) Fri-Thurs
Hearts Beat Loud (Brett Haley) Fri-Thurs
Fireworks (Akiyuki Shinbo & Nobuyuki Takeuchi) Sat Only
Yellow Submarine (George Dunning, 1968) Sun Only

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