Friday August 2 – Thursday August 8

Featured Film:

Welcome to Wakaliwood at the Beacon

Sure they’ve got a killer Gena Rowlands/John Cassavetes series, and a new August program starting full of movies about the horrors of 1980s suburbia, but you won’t find anything more fun on Seattle Screens this week than the double feature of no-budget Ugandan action films playing Friday and Saturday at the Beacon. They’ve got 2010’s Who Killed Captain Alex? (which I haven’t seen yet) and 2016’s Bad Black (which I have and it’s amazing: the purest expression of the joy of making cinema that I’ve seen this decade). Don’t miss out.

Playing This Week:

Ark Lodge Cinemas:

The Last Black Man in San Francisco (Joe Talbot) Fri-Thurs 

The Beacon Cinema:

Streetwise (Martin Bell, 1984) Fri, Tues-Thurs 
Who Killed Captain Alex?/Bad Black (Nabwana IGG, 2010/2016) Fri & Sat Only Our Review
Opening Night (John Cassavetes, 1977) Sat-Mon Only 
Love Streams (John Cassavetes, 1984) Sat, Sun & Thurs Only Our Podcast
Gloria (John Cassavetes, 1980) Tues-Thurs Only 
A Woman Under the Influence (John Cassavetes, 1974) Weds Only 
River’s Edge (Tim Hunter, 1986) Sun-Tues Only 
Demons (Lamberto Bava, 1985) Mon Only 

Central Cinema:

The Goonies (Richard Donner, 1985) Fri-Weds
Die Hard with a Vengeance (John McTiernan, 1995) Fri-Weds 

SIFF Egyptian:

Phantom Mary (Aniello De Angelis) Tues Only 

Century Federal Way:

Ardaas Karaan (Gippy Grewal) Fri-Thurs 
Chal Mera Putt (Janjot Singh) Fri-Thurs 

Grand Cinema:

Sword of Trust (Lynn Shelton) Fri-Thurs 
Maiden (Alex Holmes) Fri-Thurs 
Reservoir Dogs (Quentin Tarantino, 1992) Sat Only 
Toni Morrison: The Pieces I Am (Timothy Greenfield-Sanders) Tues Only 
Agave: The Spirit of a Nation (Nick Kovacic, Matthew Riggieri) Weds Only 

Grand Illusion Cinema:

Luz (Tilman Singer) Fri-Thurs
The Fall of the American Empire (Denys Arcand) Fri-Thurs  

Cinemark Lincoln Square:

Guna 369 (Arjun Jandyala) Fri-Thurs 
Jackpot (S. Kalyaan) Fri-Thurs 
Khandaani Shafakhana (Shilpi Dasgupta) Fri-Thurs 
Oh Baby (B. V. Nandini Reddy) Fri-Thurs 
Rakshasudu (Ramesh Varma) Fri-Thurs 
Dear Comrade (Bharat Kamma) Fri-Thurs 
Judgementall Hai Kya (Prakash Kovelamudi) Fri-Thurs 
Super 30 (Vikas Bahl) Fri-Thurs 
I Love You (R. Chandru) Sat & Sun Only 
Sathyam Paranja Viswasikkuvo (Prajith Karanavar) Sat & Sun Only 

Regal Meridian:

Maiden (Alex Holmes) Fri-Thurs 

Northwest Film Forum:

Jawline (Liza Mandelup) Fri, Sat & Weds Only 
California on Fire (Jeff Frost) Fri Only Director Q&A 
Aberdeen (Colton Van Til) Weds & Thurs Only 
Partners (Henry Horenstein) Thurs Only Director Q&A

AMC Pacific Place:

Marianne & Leonard: Words of Love (Nick Broomfield) Fri-Thurs 
Friend Zone (Chayanop Boonprakob) Fri-Thurs 

Regal Parkway Plaza:

Super 30 (Vikas Bahl) Fri-Thurs 

Seattle Art Museum:

The More the Merrier (George Stevens, 1942) Thurs Only 

SIFF Film Center:

Rojo (Benjamín Naishtat) Fri-Sun 

SIFF Uptown:

Sword of Trust (Lynn Shelton) Fri-Thurs 
The Last Black Man in San Francisco (Joe Talbot) Fri-Thurs 
42nd Street (Lloyd Bacon, 1933) Sat Only 
Kedi (Ceyda Torun) Thurs Only 

Varsity Theatre:

Airplane Mode (Dylan Trussell & David Dinetz) Fri-Thurs 
Madness in the Method  (Jason Mewes) Fri-Thurs 

In Wide Release:

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (Quentin Tarantino) Our Review