Friday October 6 – Thursday October 12

Featured Film:

Ex Libris: New York Public Library at the Northwest Film Forum

We’re still covering the Vancouver Film Festival (in fact, I’m still in Canada), so far we have reviews of 24 Frames, Forest Movie and Prototype, Claire’s Camera, Maison du bonheur, Scaffold and Let Your Heart Be Lightand Western, with more to come over the next week or so. In the meantime, one of the best films of the year is opening this week at the NWFF, Frederick Wiseman’s look at the New York Public Library system. Prowling around various branches through the city, focusing on the people who organize and fund the library and the people who use it, and the implicit class and racial differences that separate them, Wiseman demonstrates both the necessity of the liberal project and its fundamental inadequacy.

Playing This Week:

Admiral Theatre:

Rooted in Peace (Greg Reitman) Mon Only

AMC Alderwood:

The Princess and the Frog (Ron Clements & John Musker, 2009) Fri-Thurs
Judwaa 2 (David Dhawan) Fri-Thurs
Brad’s Status (Mike White) Fri-Thurs
Earth: One Amazing Day (Peter Webber, Lixin Fan & Richard Dale) Fri-Thurs

Ark Lodge Cinemas:

Creepshow (George Romero, 1982) Thurs Only

Central Cinema:

North by Northwest (Alfred Hitchcock, 1959) Fri-Tues
Shaun of the Dead (Edgar Wright, 2004) Fri-Tues

SIFF Egyptian:

The Last Dalai Lama? (Mickey Lemle) Fri-Mon
Clive Davis: The Soundtrack of Our Lives (Chris Perkel) Tues Only

Century Federal Way:

Bailaras (Ksshitij Chaudhary) Fri-Thurs
Life of Brian (Terry Jones, 1979) Sun & Weds Only

Grand Cinema:

Tacoma Film Festival Fri-Thurs Full Program
The Shining (Stanley Kubrick, 1980) Sat Only

Grand Illusion Cinema:

The Force (Peter Nicks) Fri-Thurs
Danger Diva (Robert McGinley) Fri & Sat Only
Better Watch Out (Chris Peckover) Fri & Sat Only
Finding Joseph I: The HR from Bad Brains Documentary (James Lathos) Thurs & Next Sat Only

Cinemark Lincoln Square:

Judwaa 2 (David Dhawan) Fri-Thurs
Chef (Raja Krishna Menon) Fri-Thurs
Mahanubhavudu (Maruthi) Fri-Thurs
Spyder (A.R. Murugadoss) Fri-Thurs
Life of Brian (Terry Jones, 1979) Sun & Weds Only

Regal Meridian:

Chasing the Dragon (Wong Jing & Jason Kwan) Fri-Thurs
Brad’s Status (Mike White) Fri-Thurs
Judwaa 2 (David Dhawan) Fri-Thurs

Northwest Film Forum:

Tasveer South Asian Film Festival Fri-Thurs Full Program
Ex Librs: New York Public Library (Frederick Wiseman) Fri-Sun, Weds & Thurs Our Review
Unrest (Jennifer Brea) Fri-Sun, Weds & Thurs

AMC Pacific Place:

The Princess and the Frog (Ron Clements & John Musker, 2009) Fri-Thurs
City of Rock (Dong Chengpeng) Fri-Thurs
Never Say Die (Yang Song & Chiyu Zhang) Fri-Thurs
Sky Hunter (Li Chen) Fri-Thurs

Regal Parkway Plaza:

Judwaa 2 (David Dhawan) Fri-Thurs
Last Night (Bb Joyce Bernal) Fri-Thurs
Til Death Do Us Part (Chris Stokes) Fri-Thurs
Brad’s Status (Mike White) Fri-Thurs
Wind River (Taylor Sheridan) Fri-Thurs Our Review

AMC Seattle:

The Big Sick (Michael Showalter) Fri-Thurs Our Review

Seattle Art Museum:

Les enfant terribles (Jean-Pierre Melville, 1950) Weds Only
The File on Thelma Jordan (Robert Siodmak, 1950) Thurs Only

SIFF Film Center:

Take Every Wave: The Life of Laird Hamilton (Rory Kennedy) Fri-Thurs

AMC Southcenter:

The Princess and the Frog (Ron Clements & John Musker, 2009) Fri-Thurs
Til Death Do Us Part (Chris Stokes) Fri-Thurs

SIFF Uptown:

Dolores (Peter Bratt) Fri-Thurs
Pearl Jam: Let’s Play Two (Danny Clinch) Fri-Thurs
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (MIchel Gondry, 2004) Weds Only

Varsity Theatre:

Columbus (Kogonada) Fri-Thurs Our Review Our Other Review
Te Ata (Nathan Frankowski) Fri-Thurs

In Wide Release:

Blade Runner 2049 (Denis Villeneuve) Our Review
Mother! (Darren Aronofsky) Our Review