Friday July 19 – Thursday July 25

Featured Film:

The Beacon Cinema’s Grand Opening Week

I can’t recall the last time a new theatre opening in the Seattle area was as exciting as this week’s launch of the Beacon in Columbia City. Maybe when SIFF bought the Uptown? It seems like all the news over the past decade has been beloved movie houses closing. It’s a small venue (only 50 seats), but hopefully that will make it more viable in the long run. And if the programming retains the spirit of what they’ve put together for their inaugural week of shows, we have a new favorite Seattle Screen. This week all the shows are free: no tickets, first come first served, and they’ve got a wild mix of art house (Duelle, High and Low) and mainstream (Speed Racer, Magic Mike XXL), classic (City Lights, Gold Diggers of 1933, To Be or Not To Be) and cult films (Django, Buddha’s Palm, Starcrash). I’m planning on going to five of the first six shows, and I’m wondering if I can sneak out of the house to catch a couple more later in the week. 

Playing This Week:

AMC Alderwood:

Super 30 (Vikas Bahl) Fri-Thurs 
Bethany Hamilton: Unstoppable (Aaron Lieber) Fri-Thurs 

Ark Lodge Cinemas:

The Last Black Man in San Francisco (Joe Talbot) Fri-Thurs 

The Beacon Cinema:

Gold Diggers of 1933 (Mervyn LeRoy, 1933) Fri & Thurs Only Free Screening
Magic Mike XXL (Gregory Jacobs, 2015) Fri & Thurs Only Free Screening
City Lights (Charles Chaplin, 1931) Sat-Mon Only Free Screening
To Be or Not to Be (Ernst Lubitsch, 1942) Sat & Sun Only Free Screening
Speed Racer (Lana and Lilly Wachowski, 2008) Sat & Mon Only Free Screening
Buddha’s Palm (Taylor Wong, 1982) Sat Only Free Screening
Duelle (Jacques Rivette, 1976) Sun Only Free Screening
Starcrash (Luigi Cozzi, 1978) Sun Only Free Screening
High and Low (Akira Kurosawa, 1963) Tues & Weds Only Free Screening
Django (Sergio Corbucci, 1966) Tues & Weds Only Free Screening

Central Cinema:

Ghostbusters (Ivan Reitman, 1984) Fri-Weds
Mandy (Panos Cosmatos) Fri-Weds 

SIFF Egyptian:

The Farewell (Lulu Wang) Fri-Tues, Thurs 
Artifishal (Josh Murphy) Weds Only Director, etc Q&A

Century Federal Way:

Ardaas Karaan (Gippy Grewal) Fri-Thurs 

Grand Cinema:

Echo in the Canyon (Andrew Slater) Fri-Thurs 
All is True (Kenneth Branagh) Fri-Thurs 
Space Jam (Joe Pytka, 1996) Sat Only Free Screening
The Hunger (Tony Scott, 1983) Sat Only 
To Dust (Shawn Snyder) Mon Only 
Ask for Jane (Rachel Carey) Weds Only 

Grand Illusion Cinema:

Pulp Fiction (Qeuntin Tarantino, 1994) Fri-Thurs 35mm
In the Aisles (Thomas Stuber) Fri-Thurs 

Cinemark Lincoln Square:

The Farewell (Lulu Wang) Fri-Thurs 
Aadai (Rathna Kumar) Fri-Thurs 
iSmart Shankar (Puri Jagannadh) Fri-Thurs 
Kadaram Kondan (Rajesh M. Selva) Fri-Thurs 
Super 30 (Vikas Bahl) Fri-Thurs 
Oh Baby (B. V. Nandini Reddy) Fri-Thurs 
Article 15 (Anubhav Sinha) Fri-Thurs 

Regal Meridian:

Maiden (Alex Holmes) Fri-Thurs 
Super 30 (Vikas Bahl) Fri-Thurs 
Wild Rose (Tom Harper) Fri-Thurs 

Northwest Film Forum:

Blowin’ Up (Stephanie Wang-Breal) Fri-Sun 
Instant Dreams (Willem Baptist) Fri-Thurs 
Parallel Love: The Story of a Band Called Luxury (Matt Hinton) Fri-Thurs 

AMC Pacific Place:

The White Storm 2 (Herman Yau) Fri-Thurs 
Sea of Shadows (Richard Ladkani) Fri-Thurs 
Looking Up (Deng Chao & Yu Baimei) Fri-Thurs 

Regal Parkway Plaza:

Super 30 (Vikas Bahl) Fri-Thurs 

AMC Seattle:

The Last Black Man in San Francisco (Joe Talbot) Fri-Thurs 

Seattle Art Museum:

Easy Living (Mitchell Leisen, 1937) Thurs Only 

SIFF Film Center:

For All Mankind (Al Reinert, 1989) Fri-Sun 

Regal Thornton Place:

Glory (Edward Zwick, 1989) Sun & Weds Only 

SIFF Uptown:

Diamantino (Gabriel Abrantes & Daniel Schmidt) Fri-Thurs Our Review 
The Last Black Man in San Francisco (Joe Talbot) Fri-Weds
Toni Morrison: The Pieces I Am (Timothy Greenfield-Sanders) Fri-Weds
Singin’ in the Rain (Stanley Donen & Gene Kelly, 1952) Sat Only 

Varsity Theatre:

Bottom of the 9th (Raymond De Felitta) Fri-Thurs 
Glory (Edward Zwick, 1989) Weds Only 
The Muppet Movie (James Frawley, 1979) Thurs Only